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strength, speed, stamina

AF10, we are a dedicated group of highly qualified fitness professionals that are focused on trying to put members on the right path to achieve all round fitness. Our objective is the improvement in the performance & day to day functionality of individuals by enhancing all 5 components of fitness, fight the aging process & to build lean athletic bodies. We stress on counselling the members, blowing up myths & misconceptions & educating them about the true meaning of fitness.

All humans no matter what race, colour, creed, profession or age must have the same goal – go improve on all five componants of fitness.

We firmly believe that the selection of fitness equipment is an integral part to achieving all round fitness. At all our clubs, the fitness equipment is selected only from reputed brands. The profile is carefully selected to encompass all body parts & address all the 5 components of fitness thus giving better results to our members. Our qualified staff can explain the presence of every piece of equipment & even the absence of a particular machine with valid scientific reasons.