My journey has been from fit to fat to fit again! As a fitness freak, I was quite taken aback when my weight touched 80 kgs. post-delivery. Honestly I was quite lost, and I am glad that I found AF-10 at that time. At AF-10 I lost 20 kgs. and several inches & I regained my self confidence. I am grateful to all the trainers who guided me towards fitness. At AF-10, I learnt the true meaning and importance of weight lifting and healthy diet. My instructor kept me motivated throughout my journey, which made it easier. I dedicate the Mrs. India IAB Perfect Body title I won to AF-10.

Priyanka Pol, 35 yrs

My journey was a tough one but the single step that took me to AF-10 added tremendous value. I have always been a fitness enthusiast but it’s only at AF-10 that I was motivated by the members, trainers and staff in a way nobody else ever had. With their encouragement I was able to overcome my limitations, drop my inhibitions and showcase myself and my talent on stage. It’s now my vision to motivate others and help them realise their dreams. I never say that the sky is the limit, because there are footprints on the moon.

Mr. Imtiyaz Saiyed, 33 yrs

Polio Survivor
Me and my sister Dr. Prakash Kaur believe, ‘A trip to the gym a day, keeps illnesses away’. That’s why a decade back we joined AF-10, and added to the list of things we’ve done together as sisters. At 80+ yrs. visiting the gym everyday is a daunting proposition. But it has been a pleasure to go to the AF-10 wellness centre. The staff makes us comfortable and helps us with our routine. We like to stay fighting fit and AF-10 has been a boon in this matter.

Dr. SurjitKaur, 80+ yrs

I have been interested in sports like ring tennis, throw ball, etc since my school days. On several occasions, I’ve also participated and won many prizes. In 2007, I joined AF-10 and have been a regular at the gym since the past 9 years. On being motivated by my instructors,  I competed in the Mumbai Suburban, Maharashtra State and Indian Powerlifting Federation and won Gold Medals in all the Competitions.

Mrs. Jaya Vaidyanathan, 74 yrs

A sporty person since childhood, staying fit is my passion. While I participated in races, high jump and pole vault as a kid, I always pushed myself to go to the gym as a grown up; even if it meant getting up at 5am or being the Hon. Secretary at a local club. In 2007, I joined AF-10, and I find their facilities state-of-the-art and trainers to be the best-in-class. For the past 1 and half years, I’ve been training for power lifting at AF-10, and my instructors encouraged me to participate in competitions. As a result, I competed in the Mumbai Suburban, Maharashtra State and Indian Power lifting Federation and bagged the Gold Medal. I also got selected for the Asian Championship where I won the Silver Medal. Age has not and will never stop me from pursuing my fitness goals.

Mr. R Vaidyanathan, 84yrs

Ex- Account Officer at Voltas
I have trained with AF – 10 for over 8 years now & I wanted to continue for another 8 years at least. The GYM is well maintained, is competitively priced, has knowledgeable instructors who often wear a smile. But above all, this GYM really believes in doing what is best for its customers. Thank you for ensuring that I am today a healthy & fit person.

Ramesh Jadhav

Body Builder