Customized workout plans to suit your lifestyle and needs because we believe that fitness is crucial at every stage of life. Visit us to know more.


Personal training gives you the best value out of your gym membership. A personal trainer will ascertain your goals, availability and the types of things you enjoy, and then a plan can be formulated. A good exercise plan has the right mix of exercise types and recovery periods,avoiding counter-productive over-training.

Improve your results with personal training. You will reach your goals quickly and safely! Regular one-on-one training is designed to get you to your goals, and teach you professional technique and use of the equipment.

Workouts at AF-10 get even more interesting with Fusion Classes! Zumba, Yoga, Aerobics and Pilates come together to break the routine and up your fitness levels.


Dance your way to fitness with Zumba. Grove to high energy music and burn a lot of calories at the same time! Weave in aerobic movements, squats and  lunges and you’ll have the most fun workout ever.


Condition your mind and body to realize its full potential. There’s a vast array of yoga poses that not only make your body more flexible, but also strengthen its different parts and help your mind relax.


Enjoy doing some rhythmic aerobic exercises with stretching and strength training to tone your body. Alternate between different routines comprising of a number of dance-like exercises and lose all the unwanted weight.


Stabilize and strengthen your core, sculpt your muscles, gain flexibility, have a better posture and sense of well being with pilates. It’s a series of movements that you need to do with the right technique and control to get results.